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MOSCOW, Dec. 21- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has pledged to veto on the unilateral independence of Kosovo, a breakaway Serb province.     “If a solution that approves the unilateral independence of Kosovo is proposed, of course a veto will follow it,” Lavrov said in an interview published on the Vremya Novostei newspaper on Friday.

    Kosovo, under UN administration since 1999, has been seeking independence with support from the United States and most of the European Union nations, but Serbia only agrees to offer broad autonomy and Russia is asking for further negotiations.

    Kosovo Albanian leaders have said there is no point in talking further with Serbia and they are ready to declare independence before May.

    The UN Security Council discussed the Kosovo issue on Wednesday but failed to find a compromise over the future status of Kosovo.

    “We are reproached for the fact that we will prohibit to sanctify the unilateral Kosovo independence with a decision of the UN Security Council. This does not mean blocking effort to find a solution to the problem,” said the top Russian diplomat.

    “If NATO and the EU, after ignoring all legitimate legal mechanisms that exist in the UN, that they will decide on how to divide Serbia, how to bite Kosovo off from it and how to prevent Serbians that live in Kosovo to express their opinion on the issue, they will put themselves above international law,” Lavrov said.

    The EU even remains divided on whether to support Kosovo’s drive to unilaterally declare independence.

    A few nations, including Cyprus, Greece and Romania, are unwilling to recognize unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo mindful that the move would set a bad example for other separatist groups.


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